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Web Services

The following maintained MCISB web services are available for public use:

Data services

Analysis services

  • GO Term Miner | wsdl | This is a web service wrapping for GO Term Finder. This tool takes a string list of yeast gene names and searches for significant shared GO terms or parents of the GO terms that have been used to annotate these genes.

Shim services

  • YeastAffymapper | wsdl | A web service wrapping of the annotation file for the Affymetrix Yeast Genome S98 Genechip Array. The service provides mappings of affymetrix probe set identifiers to yeast gene names, ORF numbers, chromosome location and alignments, and database identifiers in UniGene, Ensembl, EntrezGene, SwissProt, EC, OMIM, RefSeq, FlyBase, WormBase, SGD and the Gene Ontology.
  • YeastGOAnnotation | wsdl | Provides ORFs, synonyms and GO terms for a given yeast gene name.
  • SwissProtFileWorker | wsdl | This service enables the manipulation of SwissProt text files. Currently, two operations are available; the addition of interpro features and the transformation of the SwissProt file into a Fasta file.