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Open Template

Imports a selected template file as a subrecord in the currently displayed record.

A template file represents a fragment of an experiment file. See Save Template to learn how to create one.


Open a template

  1. Click on the "File" menu.
  2. Click on the Templates submenu, and then the "Open Template" option. A file selection dialog should appear.
  3. Choose one of the files and press "Open". A dialog entitled "Select Import Destination Field" should appear.
  4. Select a record field in the left list. Select the appropriate child record you want to create in that list field. Press "OK".
  5. One of two things should happen. An error dialog may appear, indicating that you to create a subrecord that is a different kind than the kind of record described by the template. If no error dialog appears, you should see a new record appear in the appropriate list field of the current record.