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Import from XML

imports from an XML file. Most of the time, Pedro loads and saves "*.pdz" files. Users will probably want to export to XML if they're submitting a data file to a data repository. This feature exists for situations where the user wants to edit one of those XML format files.

Why isn't this feature available all the time?

This feature will only be available for schemas which are not considered "ambiguous".

The XML export format writes your records in such a way that the files can be mechanically validated against an XML Schema. This validation activity is likely to be done by people who maintain data repositories.

The XML export files often do not contain enough information for the application to reconstitute the file in a window. "*.pdz" files store your records, as well as markers that tell the application which list field to put subrecords in. Without these markers, Pedro might encounter an ambiguous schema and not know what to do.

A data model is ambiguous if some record has more than one list field that can each contain the same kind of subrecord.

If the data model you're using is ambiguous, the feature will be disabled. Otherwise, Pedro uses a bit of logic to figure out which list fields contain which subrecords.