Pedro v1.8 Release Notes

Release Date: February 4th, 2005

We are pleased to announce the release of Pedro v1.8. The highlights of this release include

We don't foresee any major new features being added to Pedro in the near future. The only aspect of the program that may change is the way Pedro records meta data. The emphasis of work will shift from feature development to bug fixes and documentation changes.

We want you to use the tool!

Contact Us

The following table of contacts shows who you can contact about the project. If you encounter a bug in the software, please report it using SourceForge
Role Name Contact
  • Feature Development
  • Enhancements
Kevin Garwood
  • Documentation
  • Schemas
  • End-User Training
  • Plugin Development
Chris Garwood


Please refer to the new tutorials


Major rewrite of Pedro documentation

Much of the tutorial documentation in Pedro v1.7 was based on material that was about two years old! Chris Garwood has now rewritten the tutorial so it uses a more sensible clinical model (instead of the botany model I cooked up!). Make a note that in software development, the developer is typically the last person you want to make high-quality documentation. The reason is that I will always think it makes sense. Chris did not develop the code base so he won't be biased in the development of tutorials. The new tutorials for end-users and data modellers will appear on the Pedro web site as well as in the 1.8 release.

Pedro now supports plugin development

Pedro can now support plugins that act on particular record types in a data file. When an end-users click on a record in the record tree of a Pedro Dialog, they may see a "Plugins..." button appearing in the top left-hand portion of the dialog. They can select a plugin and have it do various things to the current record and all its subrecords:

Validation of blank required fields is now not triggered when you press "Keep" or move to another record

In previous releases, end-users would be prevented from creating new records or navigating to other ones if there was a blank required field in the current form. This severely slowed data entry with end-users. The validation now takes place under two circumstances:

Alerts bundle feature now remembers alert bundle references from session to session.

The "Alerts bundle" feature was introduced as an alpha feature in earlier releases. We've now decided to include this as a fully supported feature. If you don't know about this feature, please see the Alerts Tutorial Pedro v1.8 now remembers the alert bundles you specify from one session to the next.

Source Forge Feature Request #1110627: Allow Pedro File Writer features to suppress writing XML Schema model stamp information

Pedro's classes that write files now have an omitModelStamp() method that prevents the model stamp from being written out for the top level XML tag. Some people wanted to use the existing Pedro writer classes to help stuff files into an XML database. Some of them apparently don't like this stamp.

Better dialog displayed for "Show Errors" if no errors are found

In earlier releases, if no errors or other alerts were found, an empty Alerts Dialog would appear. In the new release, a simple "No errors found" message appears.

Bug Fixes

Source Forge Bug #1110633: Combination fields with choice set to "None" do not have values written to data files


User chooses not to fill in a combination field in a record. The choice that gets saved is "None". This value will appear in the data file when the end-user does a File save operation. This was causing problems because "None" is almost always not a choice that the schema knows about.

Pedro v1.8

If a combination field has the value of "None" then the field does not appear in the data file.

Source Forge Bug #1084399: Application Launcher doesn't recognise paths with spaces


Pedro supports URL fields that allow you to specify a file. The application can also maintain associations between file extension types and launching programs. When files had spaces in them, the viewer applications would fail.

Pedro v1.8

Before the file from a URL field is passed to a launcher application, the file name is enclosed in quotation marks. This allows the application to accept a data file that contains spaces in the name.

Source Forge Bug #1071853 Closing form cannot be cancelled


Closing form cannot be cancelled If you close Pedro and get a dialog saying 'do you want to save - yes/no/cancel' then if you select cancel the form closes anyway.

Pedro v1.8


Source Forge Bug #1071987 Pedro saves on exit even if you don't want to


Pedro saves on exit even if you don't want to If you quit Pedro and it determines that no changes have been made to the file, it saves it anyway. This normally makes no difference, but if one user is viewing a file while another is editing the changes can be obliterated.

Pedro v1.8