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Pride Wizard

The Pride Wizard allows submission of mass spectrometry data and Mascot identifications to generate a valid PRIDE XML file.

It also includes the facility to add iTRAQ labels, allowing quantitation data to be added to the PRIDE XML.

To launch the Pride Wizard on Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the Java Runtime Environment, version 6.
  2. Download and install Perl. The Pride Wizard has been tested with ActivePerl.
  3. Ensure that both perl and java are on the system path. To do this, add the location of both the Java Runtime Environment and the Perl bin directories to the system PATH environment variable.
  4. Download and unzip
  5. Navigate to PrideWizard/bin and double click on the PrideApp.bat file.

PRIDE PRIDE XML file can be submitted to the PRIDE database at the EBI.

Example data is available.

Source code is available at the following address: svn:// This code is covered by the GNU General Public Licence.

An informatic pipeline for the data capture and submission of quantitative proteomic data using iTRAQ. Siepen JA, Swainston N, Jones AR, Hart SR, Hermjakob H, Jones P, Hubbard SJ. Proteome Science (2007) Feb 1;5:4.