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Wednesday 20th October 2010: Dr Philip Gerlee (Gothenburg and Chalmers Universities, Sweden)

Structural correlations in bacterial metabolic networks


Evolution of metabolism occurs through the acquisition and loss of genes whose products acts as enzymes in metabolic reactions, and from a presumably simple primordial metabolism the organisms living today have evolved complex and highly variable metabolisms. We have studied this phenomenon by comparing the metabolic networks of 134 bacterial species with known phylogenetic relationships. We consider the 'super-network' consisting of the union of all networks where each reaction-node is tagged with the number of organisms it belongs to (organism degree, OD). Network analysis shows that common reactions are found at the centre of the network and that the average OD decreases as we move to the periphery. Nodes of the same OD are much more likely to be connected to each other compared to a random null-model, and this trend persists up to a distance of five reactions, which is similar to the average pathway length of 4.4 reactions, as defined in MetaCyc. Further, we propose a neutral model of metabolic evolution driven by horizontal gene transfer (HGT), which is only directed by biochemical constraints. The model is intialised with a single reaction-node, and by adding new nodes one at time metabolic networks are formed. Although these networks are unrelated and their only similarity stems from biochemical constraints, their 'super-network' still exhibits the same structure as the bacterial counter-part. This suggests that bacterial metabolic network evolve through HGT and to a large extent are formed by biochemical constraints.


1pm in the MIB lecture theatre, followed by refreshments in the cafeteria area.

For further information, please contact Kieran Smallbone.


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